Sunday, February 4, 2007

About Me--

Hi Blogicians,

I'm glad to hear that you liked my picture; I didn't know that my mom had posted my picture until she told me that you had seen it.

My mom said you wanted to know a bit about me, so here goes. I have lived with my mom and dad for about 3 and 1/2 years. I am so glad that they found me. I had been neglected and abused. A nice lady came and got me from the dog warden the day they were going to euthanize me. She took me to her house because she ran a "rescue" for German Shepherds and posted a picture of me on the Internet. That's how my mom found me through It's wonderful website that helps with adoptions of dogs all over the U.S. Mom ended up at Dogs Hope and saw my picture and the rest is history!

So Dr. Culek (my veterinarian) thinks I'm 8 years old now. That's getting old for a big dog; do you know how old that is in people years? I weigh 95 pounds now with the good food I get at home (I weighed only 69 pounds when I came to live here). My favorite treats are my homemade dog biscuits, peanut butter, carrots, and pumpernickel bagels.

I love walking in the park with my mom and dad! Usually mom and I go twice every day. When my dad comes we have so much fun; I watch out for him. I like walking in the snow if it isn't too cold. I won't wear my boots and sometimes the snow and ice are too cold. But boy it tastes really good!

I just had a good meal and a big dog biscuit so it's time for a nap-- One quick question, do you have anybody like me at your house?

Til next time,


Anonymous said...

I have a dog in the house and she is a black lab mix and her name is sparky. We found her with a broken leg. she respects me and loves me. she likes ribs, beef bones, and peas. I think of drawing a picture of her on my blog. my blog is at this URL:

from, Michael

Anonymous said...

Hi Harley,

It's M.V. and I had a dog his name was Damion he was a big grey husky dog but he passed away two years ago you kind of remind me of him because your nice to your owner and people love you because your nice and kind and that's what I like about you.

Harley said...

Hi Michael and M.V.,

Michael, Sparky is really lucky to get ribs and beef bones. My mom and dad are vegetarians and the only meat in this house is my chicken and rice dog food.

M.V., I'm sorry to hear about Damion. I think he and I could have been good friends!

Michael, I had a lab get in my face when I was in school and I haven't yet forgotten it so I don't know how Sparky and I would get along.


silkydai said...

interesting thoughts from your side in your next post thanks!silkydai