Monday, February 12, 2007

Help! I want to go home!

My aunt Carol calls this "camp". What does she know--

My Mom and Dad left me here with a bunch of other barking dogs while they went to Columbus to the eTech Conference. Mom said she was going to give a presentation. I could have gone with her and helped. Instead here I am . I couldn't believe it when Mom said "We love. We'll be back." and she left!!!

I really love being home for a many reasons: I love my mom and dad. My bed is soft and big enough for me. I get special treats when I sit and look sad. I get to go for walks at the park. My mom and dad take time to teach me new things and to spend time with me. Being home is the cat's meow and I'm not usually fond of cats.

What are some of your favorite reasons for being at home?

At least it helps a bit knowing that my voice is heard! Mom, isn't it time yet??

photo from # Versuri #

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Kevin said...

Your lucky I don't get treats for siting down and looking sad