Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Home of Their Own

Did you know there are so many older dogs that want a family and a home of their own? I know because I was one and I’m so lucky my mom and dad found me. Won’t you invite one of my old friends to go home with you? Why you ask? Here’s why!

First, senior dogs have already learned important stuff—we can sit, and come and we’re housebroken. And did you know it’s easy to teach an old dog new tricks?

Second, did you know that shelters often schedule an older dog for immediate euthanizing simply on the basis of age? It almost happened to me. Isn’t there a word for that called discrimination? A little gray hair here and there doesn’t mean we can’t play ball and love you more than you can imagine! So please help save some of my buddies’ lives--

And lastly, it’s not just me that thinks there are good reasons to adopt older guys. If you go here, you’ll find 10 top reasons to adopt us. And it was a human who wrote that so you don’t have to just take it from me! Humans also wrote success stories about adoption and some of them are working to help out my friends.

My old buddies are patiently waiting-- They hope you’re persuaded-- I hope you don’t wait too long-- They don’t have much time and they are desperate for a home of their own. Won’t you invite them to yours?

Special Thanks!
I wasn't sure of the best way to write a persuasive essay so I found some at Blogical Minds to use as a model. M. V. and Mia's were models for creating a good title. I like how Eddie linked to other websites so I did too. Mary and Tina's helped me with the structure. Anni modeled how to use transition words. And I really liked Lindsey's question at the end. So thanks to each of you. Without you I would have been up a creek without a paddle! Do you think I did ok?



Anonymous said...

I think of getting a older samoyed thanks for persuading me. ,michael

Harley said...

Hi Michael,

I'm so glad to hear that!!! I hope you'll let me know when he/she is settled in your home.


Anonymous said...

Before I start talking I should say "thank you!!"I never thought I could actually help you I'm glad that I did.I thought about the adoption and about helping your friends.If you were standing right next to me I would give you a pat on the back and a big doggy biscuit.

Anonymous said...

harley, sparky is already settled and you can go to my blog to see her picture. michael. p.s here is the URL:

Anonymous said...

Ilove your post! And you know what I told my parents about your post, they were happy that you wanted to help your friends.Actually My family wants to adopt 2 of this dogs. Hopefully some other people will think about what you said.Just like my family and I did.

Anonymous said...

I think you are being very sweet trying to find a home for all these dogs. Keep up the good work.