Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happiness is--

You know, when my mom is happy life is very good! I get more treats and more scratches under my chin and on my chest, and more talking to. And to be very honest, that is most of the time-- But today was different!

It started when she got to talking to her computer again. She does that once in a while. And then I heard her say "Hi Mia," and "Hi T.K." and "Hi Michael" and I just knew I'd heard those names before. And then there was "Hi M.V." and then she called my name and talked about what I do at the park and all of a sudden I knew! She was talking to the Blogicians! in person! She called all their names and each time she said "hi" her smile got wider until at the end, it enveloped her entire face! That smile remained long after she told them to "take good care", long after she cooked dinner for my dad, long after she and I walked in the park (and I did get extra treats as we walked) and you know, that smile is still there! I haven't seen her that happy in a good long time.

Thanks Blogicians for talking to my mom and making her so happy! You always do when you comment to her on your blogs but hearing your voices made her day! Do you think you could do that again because more treats and more smiles could be very good!?