Monday, April 23, 2007

Blethers from Harley

Did you know dogs can savage a crocodile? Sometimes nature is cruel but there is also a beauty in that cruelty.

The crocodile, as one of the ultimate predators, can fall victim to the kind of implemented 'team work' strategy which is possible due to the pack mentality and social structure of canines.

See a remarkable photograph courtesy of Nature Magazine, but not if you're squeamish!


Anonymous said...

that picture of the puppie power fighting the croc was funny. ,michael

Anonymous said...

The puppy picture kind of reminds me of Harley or at least a good picture of what Harley used to look like when he was a pup.


Anonymous said...

That picture was adorable I thought you meant a real crocadile but it was a joke. it is so cute to see puppys do that remember puppy's rule all others drule exept dog owners

Anonymous said...

I never knew that a dog could fight a crocodile and win that is really cool why don't you do that I'll bet you'll win.

Anonymous said...

the one above that has no name that is johnny

Anonymous said...

Yes I did know that they can after I saw the picture and no I'm not squeamish. Cute and yet mean and vicious

Harley said...

Hi all,

I'm glad you liked my foolish talk! I hope you were surprised!

From my point of view, DOGS RULE! I know I do in my house---

Whoops, I better be careful, my mom and dad think they do but you and I know better--