Monday, April 23, 2007

In bad times, people come together

I heard the TV; I heard my mom and dad talking last week about bad, terrible, horrific killings at Virginia Tech in Virginia. And then I heard of the many ways that people across our country were honoring and remembering the victims, AND working together to help make sure that everyone would be ok.

I think that is one of the most wonderful human traits-- that in times of great tragedy, people come together to love each other, to support each other, and to help each other. There is still great sadness but the human spirit is strong. They rise above the bad, and good prevails.

How can we help make sure that this compassion and caring always lives in the hearts and minds of people?


Anonymous said...

harley, when I saw it on T.V. the VT shootings made me cry and sparky whine., michael

Anonymous said...

That is really sad i wish some people didn't do bad things like that. But you can't control what people do. People may be bad but other people who are freinds don't have to be bad.
From Johnny

Anonymous said...

I saw that tradegy at Virginia Tech a while ago and I thought it was horrible and that if I was there I would also be scarred and sad because of the massive shooting at that school.


Anonymous said...

At least the students got to go back to school if they wanted too. The school will give them credits if they want to leave for the rest of the school year.

Anonymous said...

Harley, I know is really sad that people are bad. I can imagin the sad faces of some of the parents that had to be called to notify that their children were killed or hurt. What happend that day is very sad and I hope that people will remember it forever. I also heard in the news that that this kid told a girl at her school that he was going to top the Virginia Tech tragedy. The girl told her mom and her principal and togeather they talked to him, and he said he was just kidding, but I don't think thats a way to play. I really hope something like this NEVER happens again.

Anonymous said...

This is a tragic thing that has happened in VA Tech. Actualy over the weekend I had to go to a funerel because one of my cousins were shot on campus. One way thyat we honered my cousin was wearing VA Tech shirts and equipment at his funeral. What did you do to honer the students that were killed at VA Tech? I hope that the people that it took a tole on recover from it. I hope that you don't have any friends or family that was killed in Va Tech. I cant belive that people so young got their lives taken in the accedent.

Harley said...

Hi Michael, Johnny, M.V., Emmy, Rosalinda, and Eddie,

Thank you so much for your comments! I have a good feeling that as long as there are humans in this world like you, so thoughtful and caring, there will be fewer bad times and good will prevail!


alixandra said...

aww,that is terrible hope it will be safer now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Harley,
I feel the same way that everybody felt at Virginia Tech. I just had a friend die and his name was Terry. He was a best friend nobody could have. I miss him very very much. But I know he is in a better place. I think about him every day since he died. You would love him if you ever met him. He died right before Christmas. It was a sad time for his friend and family. We all miss him very very much just like the people at Virginia Tech.