Thursday, May 3, 2007

Celebrating-- family and my anniversary

Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of the day I came to live with my mom and dad! YES! My mom is going to make me a very special treat; I can't wait. And my dad said he has a special treat for me too!

They want to celebrate my anniversary; isn't that nice?! I want to celebrate my family! My family is so very special to me. We all love each other, we help each other, and we support each other! I am so thankful, mom and dad, that you wanted me. Mom and Dad, I love you!

I bet your family is special too. I'm wondering when is the last time you told you mom and dad you loved them? Isn't it time to do it again, and again, and again?


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a nice celebration and have a good aniversary.

Anonymous said...

I hope the surprise is the worlds biggist dog food buffet,harley.


Anonymous said...

Almost every day I thank my parents for having me. Your anniversary is kinda like your bithday. Like on my birthday I always I always get treats and toys and I get to do alot of special thing. That is a way that your parents show you that they love you. When you give them things on their birthdays or on Mothers' Day that shows that you love and appreciate them also. On Motherfs Day I woke up at 6o'clock in the morning and made her some eggs,sausage,strawberry muffins,bacon,and grits for braekfest. I also had a bouqet of marigolds and Irises(you might want to do that for your mom on Mothers' Day).

Anonymous said...

I celebrate my parents evryday by being nice and kind to my parents. I always say p;lease and thank you to them and yes and no sir. I also say yes and no mam. So Harley hats of and a doggy bone to you happy birthday
From, Johnny

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful celebration! My family means so much to me I would never want to let them go! I also hope you have a wonderful tasty treat!


Anonymous said...

Hi Harley,
Actually I tell my parents I love them every time I go to bed and when I wake up. I really liked your post! What was the treat your mom gave you? And what did your dad give you?
Gotta Go,

Anonymous said...

Harly I hope the suprise is a big giant dog toy.

Dylan said...

Having an aniversary for you is really interesting. Reaeding this post made me and hopefully other people to care about their parents a lot more. Keep up the love.


claudia said...

Hi my name is Claudia and I read your story about "Celebrating--family and my anniversary".This made me think about my family and some friend that worry about me.

maria said...

Your writing made me think that I should spend more time with my family.Sometimes I think that if I am not with my family, I will lose them.I hope that never happends.Also I love German Sheperds.

meagan said...

Your right! kids should say i love you more to there parents! This may me think about my problems that im having in 5th grade maybe i should focus more that would be great for me! Anyways comment me back i think your a very pretty dog! Germanshepers are BUETIFUL! comment back thanks bye!

Kendarius said...

Yeah family is pretty special to me. Thanks for asking Harley!