Monday, May 14, 2007

Connections --

Mom and I were at the park last night and for the first time since the snow has disappeared we saw a new family of Canadian Geese! Now if I am making my connections correctly, we see new families at about the same time that school lets out for the summer. I bet that’s why the Blogicians have been writing about blogging and why it’s special to them.

Anni says:

“Also blogging has improved my writing, reading, and also language skills.”

And T. K. writes:

“My favorite thing to do in blogging is answering questions and asking questions because I like asking how they are doing in blogging and how their weather is.”

Mia urges 6th grade teachers to let them blog next year because:

“Also blogging makes you think out side the box. It makes you go beyond writing.”

And Michael is pushing for blogging next year too:

“We felt middle school needs blogging also and so does high school and college. Does any one agree!”

Victoria’s post, which really “rocks”, pleads:

“I have enjoyed the experience of blogging tremendously! And I would recommend blogging to all schools! I hope that you will try blogging some day because you would like it! So all you teachers out there, please let us blog next year!”

What is there about blogging that is so special? For me, it’s the connections. I’ve found such great new friends in the Blogicians. My tail wags uncontrollably when I read their comments and learn from them! So here’s to the connections we’ve made and my wishes for you this summer--

Anni --- I love what you wrote to my mom! Keep working on those prepositions.

Eddie — My mom pushes me to write better and I try but you’re definitely levels above me! Enjoy your science experiments.

Jhonny — Mom says you have great ideas; I think so too, keep them coming. Make those strings sing on your guitar this summer!

Victoria I’m hoping that someday I’ll be able to write and blog like you; you’re the best! I bet you’ll move up to more difficult levels in Sudoku now you’ll have more time to solve them!

T. K. You’re so right about answering and asking questions in blogging! That’s one of my favorites too! I’m getting too old for any athletics, so excel in all those sports for me!

Mia Tip of my hat to the top notch title creator! Grab your friends and treasure each other’s company!

Mary — Mom and I love your talent in choosing just the right words in writing! Paint and draw to your hearts desire this summer!

Emmy – I really go bananas over the wonderful interviews you conducted! Hope you score lots of goals in soccer this summer!

M. V. I think you are one extraordinary thoughtful commenter! Spend tons of time in your “happy place” this summer. I’ll be in mine.

Michael My mom read your monkey stories to me! I loved them! Give Sparky extra treats for me and lots of love this summer!

Lindsey I hope I can become as good as you expressing feelings on my blog! Cherish your times with your “special friends, crazy friends, and funny friends” this summer!

Tina – Your writing is so full of life! I like when my mom reads your posts to me. Hope your summer is full of fun and opportunities to teach/tutor little ones!

Rosalinda – When you said in a comment that “following our passions can change who we are and what we do in the future”, I knew deep inside what a thoughtful person and good thinker you are! Hoping you’ll be following your passions this summer, perhaps drawing and enjoying time on the beach!

Blogicians, I know we’ll connect through blogging again --
Until then sending you the best of my dog biscuits, offering paws and a great big woof for a safe and happy summer,



Anonymous said...

Thank You Harley,
I guess when you think about it I can be considered an esqusite blogger.


Anonymous said...

don't worry Harley I will give sparkinator mashpotater (sparky) extra love and treats.(and let her sleep in my bed).when she nudges me for food I will give her steak.Michael

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed writing this past year.I also have my parents and teachers that push me so I can use my knowledge to its full potential. I have always enjoyed writing and reading. When I was 3(and a half) I was able to read like a fluent 2nd grader. Now I am in 5th grade reading on a highschool reading level.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harley,
I can't think of me without blogging. I also have something to tell you and all the people who are reading this, When I first came into this class, I was just commenting, I didn't have a blog or something. Then whwn they told me that I was going to have a blog I got really exited. Then I started to think about it more and more and I started getting very nervous and I felt like I didn't want to do it anymore. Then when that day finally came I started to like it more and more. In about two weeks I loved blogging now thanks to my teachers I love blogging and I feel like I never want to leave it again. I really hope that new students don't feel the same way that I did.


Anonymous said...

Harley thanks for the nice words you said about me,and I hope your mom gets you a box of treats for me,and you enjoy your summer.I know i will. Harley also tell your mom hello for me she has givin me so many tips and ideas.
From Johnny

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying those nice things about my typing that you like and I also hope you have a terrific summer and a wonderful year.
Talk to ya later,

Anonymous said...

That was so nice to say Harley but, I don't play soccer in the winter or summer sorry. I do play soccer the spring and fall though so I'll score some goals and keep alot out of the goal.(I play goalie.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Harley,
Mabey I am thoughtful on feelings on my blog. I am so suprised that I am getting more and more thoughtful on my post everyday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Harley,
Thanks Harley! Yor really are a great blogger too! And when you had that picture of the Cannadian gesse it made me think of yesterday. It made me think about yesterday because, while my mom was driving me to the orthidontics, to fix my braces, a mother duck was coming across the road followed by her little baby. The gesse held up traffic for about five minutes! Have you ever seen a duck and her babies cross a road?
Gotta Go,

Anonymous said...

My dog Chucky I named my dog after Chucky Cheese. I take good care of my dog. Every time my dog barks I always think someone is at my house, because every time someone pulls in my driveway Chucky always barks. The funniest thing that Chucky does is he always eats his dog food off of the ground, if I dont dump his food on the ground he will bark.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harley,
I just wanted to say that please blogg on my blog because I have I computer and my mo signed a form that said that my blog could still be working so please go back to and if you want to say something to the other kids please do. Then I'll tell them what you said.


P.S. You can blog to me any day at any time. Please say the same thin g to your mom for me O.K.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the canadian geese sounded exciting and fun to read. From the looks of this post, you've already been to canada. Ha Ha Ha