Thursday, May 8, 2008

Celebrations, reflections and a request!

This is the day we celebrate my birthday! I came to live with Mom and Dad when I was 5 years old and it was 5 years ago today!! Mom had a bunch of my buddies over for a party and some super homemade biscuits. When we finished playing, they wanted to know if I could give them tips on blogging. I told them I'd get my Mom to help me and I thought my blogging friends would be able to give good tips too!

Now it was pretty difficult to come up with one good tip-- that's where Mom came in. She said I should carefully reflect upon my writing; that meant I had to review all my posts to decide which one was the best and why. Then she suggested the "why it was good" be my one great tip for successful blogging.

And guess what, that's just what I did. As I carefully reread my posts, I kept returning to "A Home of their Own". It absolutely was my favorite. Hmm, then I figured out why! I linked to different bloggers who helped me and I linked to websites to give my readers more information. Here's an example:
"I wasn't sure of the best way to write a persuasive essay so I found some at Blogical Minds to use as a model. M. V. and Mia's were models for creating a good title. I like how Eddie linked to other websites so I did too. Mary and Tina's
helped me with the structure. Anni modeled how to use transition words."
That's my blogging tip for my four legged buddies.

TIP: "When blogging, be sure to link to what other bloggers or websites have to say."

And by the way, this reflecting--- it's really a good way to look back and appreciate just where you are. The best of these last five years, without a doubt, is those homemade biscuits!!! Just kidding Mom and Dad, it's being with you!

Now can you help out my friends with another blogging tip? They're waiting and anxious to join the blogosphere!

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alixandra said...

I love this post because it is what my mother and I say all the time and it makes me feel special!