Monday, September 22, 2008

I am--

Just in case you were wondering--

I am loving and protective
I wonder why more dogs don't blog and comment to students
I hear my old friends calling "help me" from the pound
I see a day when all humans and animals are happy and contented
I want to walk with my mom and dad again in the park
I am loving and protective

I pretend I'm human in my home
I feel happy when my mom and dad are laughing
I touch the souls of humans who know me
I worry that my mom and dad will leave me
I cry when I hear other dogs are mistreated
I am loving and protective

I understand that love and peace can conquer all
I say dreams do come true if you just believe and work for them
I dream of homemade dog biscuits and chasing rabbits
I always try to please my mom and dad
I hope humans will rescue us older canines; we can be such good friends
I am loving and protective