Monday, September 22, 2008

I am--

Just in case you were wondering--

I am loving and protective
I wonder why more dogs don't blog and comment to students
I hear my old friends calling "help me" from the pound
I see a day when all humans and animals are happy and contented
I want to walk with my mom and dad again in the park
I am loving and protective

I pretend I'm human in my home
I feel happy when my mom and dad are laughing
I touch the souls of humans who know me
I worry that my mom and dad will leave me
I cry when I hear other dogs are mistreated
I am loving and protective

I understand that love and peace can conquer all
I say dreams do come true if you just believe and work for them
I dream of homemade dog biscuits and chasing rabbits
I always try to please my mom and dad
I hope humans will rescue us older canines; we can be such good friends
I am loving and protective


kentashia said...

Harly i missed oyu i have not talked to you in a qouhuhg amount of time.Oh,Harly i have a blogging page now comment me. I am so happy about this. My brithday ewas september 10th. Do not forget to comment.I WILL MISS YOU.

destiny said...

I am glad you put that post up. That is relly hreat filling. Thank you for puting that blog on your post.

Anonymous said...

Harley you're such a great blogger that I just might have to let my dog blog too! I know she would love reading and commenting on the posts of the boys and girls at JH House. If I could I would scratch your belly right now to thank you (my dog loves it)!

Rina said...


Hi Harley! I love your "I am" poem. I wish I had a german sheperd like you. Your poem gets me to picture all the things you are saying, real. ARe you going to teach other dogs to blog, so you don't have to wonder any more?

Shaah said...

I think you are every single one of those post you put on you're blog. You are a great and loyal dog.

Elijah said...

Great post Harley! I too don't like to hear dogs being mistreated.

Hunter said...

Hi, Harley I love your I am poem. I think yours was better than mine. How did you type such a good poem?

Ivan said...

Harley that I am poem is awesome. I have an I am poem too I'm just not finished with it. Harley how old are you?

Caleb said...

Harly, I like your I am poem. Mine isn't done yet. This next week I have Fall break off of school. I'm really excited. I don't know what i'm going to do yet though. If you had to go to school what would you do on your week off?

Ashton said...

Hey Harly
I realy like your I am poem. It tells me alot about you. I have already finished my poem to.I realy liked doing my I am poem.Its realy cool how you did one to.

daniel said...

Hi. It's me. Your I am poem is very good. So Harly you wanted to know how to do a punch. Well you get your front hand and then you punch. If you need any help just e-mail me.

Christopher said...

Your I Am Poem is really interesting. I am just starting on doing one, too. I wonder how mine is going to turn out? How did you know about the poem?

Landy said...

Hi Harley,
How are you? This is Landy. I liked your "I Am" poem. And I really hope you are like that. I haven't finished my "I Am" poem yet, I just need to do some things to it. Harley, I hope you comment to me like I am to you in my poem. And if you do, THANK YOU.

Hector said...

Harly your I am poem is very good, and funny. I like your poem so much because it talks so much about your family. I hope you send some more comments to me. How did you know about the I am poem?

Thalia said...

Hi Harley,
I loved your I am poem. You have always been creative in your blogs! You used some good ideas in it. I can see you really worked hard in your I am poem. Keep on going, Harley!

Graciela said...

Hi harly I loved your post. You know our class is making a post about a I am poem. The other students I am poem are cool. Have you commented to my blog.My blogs name is commenting throug Gracielas blog. Leave me a comment.

Brooke said...

Hi Harly, How have you been writing? I like that I am post. Because it is cute.

Harley said...

Hi there 5th grade bloggers,

Thanks for so many great comments on my poem!! I am really glad that you liked it. I am looking forward to reading yours!

Anonymous, I really like my chest scratched!! That's my fav!!

Rina, do you think I could really teach other dogs?? Maybe me mom could help?

Ivan, I'm more than 10 dog years old!! Getting a little older each day!!

Hunter, I type very carefully with one paw. It takes a while!!

Caleb, if I had a week off from school and it was spring, I'd spend it laying out in the grass and just enjoying!!!

Christopher, Mrs. Davis told my mom about the poem and my mom told me!


Jimmye Hawkins said...

What a beautifully written piece. This needs to be published!

garciela said...

Hi Harly how are you doing with those bisquits are they dilechise. I heard they were good for you. Also it makes me remember about my fall break and what I did. So can you coment to me. (your friend,graciela)bye Thankyou for the comment.

graciela said...

thank you for the comment yes there is something particular that i am working on. thanks for commenting.

elijah said...

thank you for that comment you sent me it gave me a boost in learning

Colleen said...

I hope you are having a yummy biscuit.

Emily said...

I hope you have a fantastic holidays! And enjoy chewing on your biscuits.

Kevin said...

Hey come to my blog and play with my hamster.

Colleen said...

I really like your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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