Friday, November 28, 2008

Dog Biscuits to Die For!

You all know how I feel about my homemade dog biscuits! They are my most favorite, next of course to the pumpernickel bagels and eggs my Dad feeds me.

Now thanks to a very special wonderful lady named Elizabeth, my mom made me biscuits to die for! My mom knows the nicest people; Elizabeth is one. I’ve never met her because I’m not allowed in the doctor’s office, but when my Mom and Dad come to the car from Dad’s last visit, they told me all about Elizabeth. Why? Because she brought biscuit cutters and biscuit mix all the way back from Maine for me!!!

And let me tell you, when Mom made those biscuits, I stayed close. And when they were done, I sat. You know I sit when I want something good to happen. And it did! Those biscuits, rationed out by my Mom, were outstanding, extraordinary, and awesome! And I think I know why-- Mom made them out of love, and Elizabeth gave them out of love.

Elizabeth, I love you and thank you!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Thanksgiving and a time to be thankful!

It’s Thanksgiving time again; I know because I saw my mom bring home grocery bags full of the good stuff she cooks at Thanksgiving.

That means it’s time for me to post about all I’m thankful for and there is a lot!
First, of course, I’m thankful for the love of my mom and dad. I wrote about that in this post last year.

I’m so thankful too for the people who work here. They take such good care of me and I know I don’t show how grateful I am because truthfully, I’m always too busy trying to find the way out of there. So this is for the wonderful, kind people at East Side Dog and Cat Hospital!

Jodi, Barb, Cindy, and Geralyn – You always greet me with a smile, call my name and ask how I’m doing! You help my mom too with paperwork and getting my meds. Even though I don’t show it, you really make me feel safer and loved. I am thankful for your smiles and kind words.

Louise and Stevi -- When you come to get me, I know from your smile and your warm greeting that I’ll be ok. And Louise, you know those bacon strip treats are my most favorite treat. I am thankful for your reassuring my mom and dad and making me more comfortable with all that goes on.

Kathy and Diana – You take such good care of me when I come for a stay. You take me on walks and feed me, and make sure my area is just right for me. And Kathy, you always do all you can to make my stay as short as possible. I do love you but I hope you are not disappointed when I love being home more. To you both, I am so thankful for your caring.

Dr. Culek-- I am most thankful for all that you do to make sure I feel the best that I can. I am so sorry for the time I was not nice to you; I did not know then that you were trying to make me feel better. Now, I’m not really fond of the anal gland examinations, but I love you for making me better, for offering biscuits, and for always explaining everything to mom and dad so they aren’t so worried. I will always be thankful for your knowing how to take care of me, you gentle smile and your touch.

When we have people so loving and caring in our lives, how can we not celebrate the best of Thanksgivings!