Friday, November 28, 2008

Dog Biscuits to Die For!

You all know how I feel about my homemade dog biscuits! They are my most favorite, next of course to the pumpernickel bagels and eggs my Dad feeds me.

Now thanks to a very special wonderful lady named Elizabeth, my mom made me biscuits to die for! My mom knows the nicest people; Elizabeth is one. I’ve never met her because I’m not allowed in the doctor’s office, but when my Mom and Dad come to the car from Dad’s last visit, they told me all about Elizabeth. Why? Because she brought biscuit cutters and biscuit mix all the way back from Maine for me!!!

And let me tell you, when Mom made those biscuits, I stayed close. And when they were done, I sat. You know I sit when I want something good to happen. And it did! Those biscuits, rationed out by my Mom, were outstanding, extraordinary, and awesome! And I think I know why-- Mom made them out of love, and Elizabeth gave them out of love.

Elizabeth, I love you and thank you!


graciela pimentel said...

hi harly i loved your post about
homemade dog buiscits go to my blog you are gona be happy.

graciela said...

hey harly,

thankyou for the comment you gave me i liked how you said(i liked how you summerized your word and your mom should show you that)
i think the hardest thing was nothing that is very funy isnt it
woof woof have a merry christmas
which was your hardest part on typing?

graciela said...

hi harley you have wonderful ideas and it has been a wonderful day commenting to you woof (bye)