Thursday, December 11, 2008

What do names tell you?

Would you believe it; some people think my mom is a man when they see her name? My Mom says her name, Lani, always confuses other people. They rarely pronounce it correctly and when she was in school, they used to assign her to boy’s physical education classes because they thought her name was a boy’s name. Her name is special -- her dad chose it because he and her mom wanted to visit Hawaii and her name is Hawaiian.

When you think of my name, what do you think of? Do you think of a girl or do you think of Harley Davidson motorcycles? My mom says Harley Davisdson’s and girls don’t go together. My Mom and Dad talked a lot about my name before I came to live with them. My dad chose my name, Harley, because he used to ride a Harley. He thought it was a good name for a big German shepherd! And he knew a lot of men had this name and so it would fit me.

What about your name? What does it tell others about you?

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Kendarius said...

Hi Harley,I know that you and your family are having trouble with people and your names.When people think my name as Kendarius they think I am a girl ! Names tell me that they are B-E-A -utiful and they're interesting to know about them too!

shaah said...

Harley I sort of have the same problem. See my name is Shaah. some people spell it like "shaa" or "shaw" even "sha." Like on the announcements they called my last name Dansberry instead of Dansby. My dad says my name means king,god,and wise. Ikind of understand why people get mixed up. I'm stuck with this name and I like to say so my self.

Landy said...

Hi Harley,
I didn't think you were a girl....

Well, maybe I did. But it was because I didn't know what you were. Sorry. I have to go. Have a
Merry Christmas! Oh,your post is great,fabulous, and fantastic.

graciela said...

hey harley i think you are right about the name because my mom says(which name do you like better) i said i dont know. i think harley is not a girl name well yes because there is this girl in some class and she is my friends friend her name is harley. do you thnk my name is a boy name or the same.

graciela said...

hey harley i dont think he used his mustache for money it said because of the summer. thanks for not thinking my name is not a boy name.bye