Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm ready!

When? How long? Soon? Now?

And my mom says in reply: “Not yet-- A couple of months— It’s going to be a while—“

But I’m ready and waiting-- Soon would be better than later--
Oh, how I’d like to be out in a green, lush, fresh smelling, outdoor carpet—

In the spring, it calls out to me-- “come on, I’m ready”— Bounding out the door, lifting my nose to catch the scent, feeling the multitude of blades that form the green luxuriant carpet caressing my paws-- I can’t stand it any longer!! I throw myself down into all its goodness – the texture, its fragrance-- And I roll, and I roll, and I rub my head, and then I roll some more-- Breathing a huge sigh of happiness, I lie very still and enjoy!

Oh there is absolutely, positively nothing better than one great big good old roll in the grass!!!

What about you? What's your absolutely, positively nothing better?

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to describe--

Again! The grass had been green (cold, frozen but green) for about a week. And it's done it again. It's pretty deep! I'm a big dog and so far I can get through it but when it's over 5 inches I'm not a happy guy.

My mom says I should be more positive about it. I should think of all the words I can that can describe it-- positive words. I came up with white and light. But that's it-- I'm not so good with descriptive words.

I'm hoping my friends down at Reflective Voices and those over at World of Wonder can help me.

Can you think of words to describe what I see when I look out this window?