Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank you to my good friends at Reflective Voices!

My very good friends, the bloggers at Reflective Voices, are the best!!!! The very best!!!

When I had a problem with the red bird, they left me such good and helpful comments. They are the cat’s meow and I’m not so fond of cats!! You can read their comments on my post here.

Many of them made the suggestion that the red bird was hungry and I should feed him. I forgot to tell them that my mom already does that; she has two birdfeeders full of good stuff for him and his friends and from the number of times she goes out to fill them, I think he must be pretty full.

They also wanted me to be kind to him. So I told my mom that. She searched on the Internet and found that he might be seeing himself in the window and thinking his reflection was another red bird who wanted to take over his territory; so he attacks what he thinks is a bird but it’s really just a reflection. The website suggested she take a bar of soap and write on the outside of the window. So she did and she made a pattern like a chain link fence. And I think he’s happier now because he sits out in the bush and sings. My mom says thank you too for encouraging her to find a kind way to help him.

The bloggers at Reflective Voices are the very best for another reason too!!! In two comments, they said they had surprises for me on their blogs. They sure did!!! I visited their blogs and they wrote such nice things about me!!!! Look!!!

Here at Ashton’s blog

And Brook’s

And Caleb’s

And Christopher’s

And Destiny’s

And Filemon’s

And Graciela’s

And Hunter’s

And Ivan’s

And Kentasia’s

And Landy’s

And Shaah’s

And Ty’s

Oh, my!!! What can I say--- Sending you all great big slurpy kisses, offering paws, and homemade dog biscuits as a thank you!!!!

I WOOF YOU!!!!! I had a friend write it in the sky just for you!!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A red bird who wants in--

I’m not a dog who really cares about birds; I don’t chase them; I pretty much leave them to themselves. But then, I’ve never had a bird that wants to come into my house!

For the last week, a red bird, my mom says it’s called a cardinal, has been flying into the windows in the living room and near the front door a lot!! A lot means more than 10 times in an hour!! He keeps flying into the glass or the screen and bouncing off!! He makes a thudding noise every time. I tried barking; that didn’t work; he still does it. Every morning around 8 AM he starts and he goes around to all the windows and then he starts over again.

My Mom said he doesn’t belong in the house and she’s not letting him in. What do you think is the matter? Why does he do this? Do you think there is a nice way to let him know he is not welcome?

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Sunday, March 1, 2009


That's what my mom said as we were driving up the hill into Chardon! And from the back seat I looked and I was a very very happy dog when I saw BUCKETS attached to the maple trees along the street! YES!!

Do you know what that means? It means spring is on the way!! The grass is frozen, there is still some snow--- yet, with the buckets collecting sap from the maple trees, it means the Maple Festival is coming soon and spring comes right along with that!!!

If you like spring, rejoice with me that those buckets are up. And if you like real maple syrup (Did you know Aunt Jemina's and Mrs. Butterworth's are not real maple syrup?), it's time to rejoice too. Soon those buckets will be full of sap, and they'll take the sap to a sugar house and boil it down to real maple syrup. You can see how they do it here.

What's your reason for rejoicing-- spring or maple syrup?