Sunday, March 1, 2009


That's what my mom said as we were driving up the hill into Chardon! And from the back seat I looked and I was a very very happy dog when I saw BUCKETS attached to the maple trees along the street! YES!!

Do you know what that means? It means spring is on the way!! The grass is frozen, there is still some snow--- yet, with the buckets collecting sap from the maple trees, it means the Maple Festival is coming soon and spring comes right along with that!!!

If you like spring, rejoice with me that those buckets are up. And if you like real maple syrup (Did you know Aunt Jemina's and Mrs. Butterworth's are not real maple syrup?), it's time to rejoice too. Soon those buckets will be full of sap, and they'll take the sap to a sugar house and boil it down to real maple syrup. You can see how they do it here.

What's your reason for rejoicing-- spring or maple syrup?


graciela said...

hey haley it was very cold on sunday and did you go out with your mom and do snowballs

graciela said...

hi harley,
how are you doing you said you were getting old oh what did you get for christmas?
happyst patricks day
my sister says if you are realy typing?
woof woof

Anonymous said...

I love syrup on my pancakes and waffles!!

Kevin said...

I love syrup on my pancakes and waffles!!

Kevin said...

Hey it is kevin he is fun!!!

daniel said...

Hey Harly. Yesterday I built a droid bomer. And yes I think I can build a dog biscut out of legos!!!!

graciela said...

Dear Harley,
Thank you for all the comments I never stop coming to your blog.
Well the first question is I( did like the post about the maple syrup I never knew that Aunt Jemina's and Mrs. Butterworth are not maple syrup how do you know?
Second question is yes I did post another one it is about magazines mine is about alliteration hope you go to mine it is very creative.
And know my question hey can your mom and dad comment to me ok I cant wait till this spring I think it is this year on april 20 2009. well bye.

Anonymous said...

That is a good thing to do. It was cold a clupple days ago. It snowed down here. Did you go out in it. Well that is about it. Happy stpd.


caleb said...

Hey Harley
I love Spring and don't love Spring. The thing I don't like about spring is all the pollen. It gets me sick every year.I love it though because in Spring I get to go swimming and the weather isn't so cold anymore.

Christopher said...

Hello Harley,

You must have been so happy on that day.
It snowed here in Georgia,too.
By the way, I don't know Maya Angelou, but the poem you told me about was great.

Hector said...

Hey, Harley I did not play outside because It was very cold. It did not snow that much by my house. That was the worst day ever on Winter time. I hope that it does not get that cold again.

graciela said...

oh sorry i was rong well my backyard is fille with flowers isnt yours

Destiny said...

Hey I like getting coments from you to! My mom would not let me have a bird in my house in less it is a pet. I dont really blame her. I really like the picture that I used.

Kevin your #1 fan!! said...

HI Harly!!!