Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Never Say Goodbye

I’ve heard my my Mom sing that song when she’s in the garden. We were out together over the weekend. I was enjoying just laying in the grass and she was humming as she took all the plants she bought, and put them into new pots for the deck-- “never say goodbye”.

It’s that time of year; the grass gets green, the days get warmer, the days of school wind down and my blogging friends look forward to summer and then to moving on in school! I always hear lots of “goodbyes”.

Not me, I never say goodbye! I just never know when we might run into each other again especially here in the blogosphere. So for you at Reflective Voices and at World of Wonder

It’s been terrific “getting to know you”. “Thanks for the memories!” Have a safe and enjoyable “summertime”. “Happy Trails to you until we meet again.”


P.S.--Can you tell how much my mom has taught me about song titles? How many song titles can you find in my post? I’ll be sending lots of virtual, homemade dog biscuits to anyone who can find them all!!!

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