Saturday, March 6, 2010


Harley loved blogging-- the connections and relationships he developed. He always seemed to know when he got lots of comments!

Our hearts are heavy and there is an incredible emptiness in our home now that he is gone-

We miss you so much big dog---

For all the Harleys in your homes, love them fiercely, and treasure each moment you have with them-

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Anne Davis said...

Harley loved blogging and the kids he blogged with adored Harley. I was fortunate to have Harley be a part of my classroom blogging and he made such a difference. The children adored him. I adored him. I can remember all the times I skyped with Lani and Lani would bark a hello. My heart is heavy and I know every Blogician's hearts would be heavy too. There is an emptiness in our hearts. We are so very sorry for your loss and Harley will always have a very special place in the hearts of a teacher and her students who thought Harley was the most special dog around!!